The College Democrats of Wisconsin Executive Board is elected at our annual convention and consists of members from campuses across the state. Contact information for members of our executive board can be found under their profiles. For all press inquiries, email Communications Director Brendan Cohen at or call 920-944-5332.

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Chair: Masha Anderson

Masha attends UW-Milwaukee.

Why I'm A Democrat:


 Vice Chair: Andre Hunter Jr.

Andre is a senior at UW-Madison, majoring in Political Science with a certificate in Entrepreneurship. Born and raised in Illinois, Andre is the son of a Filipino mother, who was a first-generation college student, and an African-American father, who was a former public school teacher and public official. Raised in a politically active household, Andre first dove into the political arena when he volunteered for the 2012 Obama campaign in high school. Those experiences inspired him to put Democratic ideals to use in Student Government at UW-Madison. He served in all three branches, including as a two-term Representative, as a Justice on the Judiciary, and as the Student Body Secretary during his second semester on campus. During his junior year, Andre served as the Statewide Finance Director for CDW. He founded the CDW Alumni Association, established U.S. Senator Tammy Baldwin as the CDW Honorary Chair, and turned around the organization’s finances. Andre is currently the Senior Class President for the Class of 2017 at UW-Madison and is the Statewide Vice Chair for CDW. After graduation, Andre aspires to attend law school and to eventually work in politics and law. 

Why I'm A Democrat:

"I’m a Democrat because I believe governance is meant not to divide and sideline us, but support every single person, in all corners of society. If we cannot truthfully state that we are happy with the way things are today, then I believe it's our job to make sure our children have what we didn't have, tomorrow."

 Second Vice Chair: Shea Senger


Shea is a Freshman at UW-Eau Claire majoring in Political Science. Originally from Brookfield, Wisconsin, Shea joined College Democrats in the fall of 2015. Since joining College Democrats he has served as Treasurer of the UW-Eau Claire College Democrats. Shea has volunteered with campaigns and his local Democratic party office in the 2016 Spring and Fall elections, and hopes to continue to work extensively with campaigns during the 2016 election. After school Shea hopes to work on campaigns as a campaign manager and maybe even one day run for office himself.

Why I'm A Democrat:

“I’m a Democrat because I believe that our society is far too content allowing minority groups to be marginalized. Democrats are the only party that is constantly striving to create an equal and fair America for all. In addition I’m a Democrat because I believe that our country was founded off of the basic principles of Life, Liberty, and The Pursuit of Happiness and that the only way we can aspire to these goals is to provide an equitable nation for everyone to live in together, rather than divided.”

Communications Director: Brendan Cohen

Brendan is a senior at UW-Madison majoring in Political Science and Digital Studies. He is originally from Appleton, Wisconsin. As a transfer student from Arizona State University, Brendan found a home in UW-Madison's chapter of College Democrats. He's passionate about using communication and digital media to elect progressive candidates and affect positive social change. He has volunteered for Penny Bernard Schaber's State Senate campaign and Mary Burke's gubernatorial campaign. He currently interns for Hillary for Wisconsin and is working to elect democrats up and down the ticket this November!

Why I'm A Democrat:

"I got my start in the Democratic party when I realized one party supported my right to marry who I love and the other party didn't. As I became more educated, I realized the Democratic party fell in line with my beliefs on almost every issue. I'm proud to fight everyday for a party that fights for social justice, climate change, and a fair economy for all."

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 Finance Director: Zion Little


 Zion attends Marquette University.

Why I'm A Democrat:


Northwest Regional Director: Cara Henney

Cara is a senior at UW-La Crosse studying Political Science with a minor in Communication Studies with an emphasis in criticism and advocacy.  Her very enthusiastic parents took her with them to Democratic rallies and volunteer events from a young age.  In fact, Cara’s first political appearance was during her father’s campaign in 1996.  Shortly after arriving at UW-L, her passion for social justice and environmental conservation led her to pursue a career in politics.  She currently is an intern for Senator Jennifer Shilling in her district office and has been an active member of College Democrats since she joined in 2015.  Through the UW-L chapter she has helped bring awareness to important issues facing students on campuses around the state.  She is excited to tackle this election season with the Northwest Region and the rest of the CDW Executive Board.


Why I'm A Democrat:


"I am a Democrat because I will never believe in hateful rhetoric. But, I do believe that global warming is real. I believe that LGBTQ+ rights are human rights. I believe that diversity only makes our country stronger and that a woman is smart enough to make decisions for herself and her body. I am a Democrat because it would go against everything I believe in not to be."

 Southwest Regional Director: Eliana Locke

Eliana is a sophomore studying political science at UW-Madison. In high school, Elianabegan her involvement in Democratic politics when she served as a page in Maryland State Assembly. Eliana joined the College Democrats as soon as she stepped on campus in the fall of 2015. She loved canvassing for County Board Supervisor Hayley Young and helping to get out the vote for all of the Democratic candidates in Wisconsin.Eliana has also been an Intern with Russ for Wisconsin since September of 2015. 


Why I'm A Democrat:

"I'm a Democrat because I believe that everyone deserves an equal opportunity to achieve their dreams no matter their gender, race, sexual orientation, or what family they were born into. I am proud to be a member of a party that works so hard to ensure that all Americans can easily exercise their right to vote. I believe that the Democratic Party is the only party that is working toward change that will move our country in a direction that is beneficial to its entire population."

Northeast Regional Director: Aaron Wojciechowski


Aaron is a freshman at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh. He is currently studying political science and economics. Today Aaron serves as Vice-chair of the UW Oshkosh Democrats Club, and is the Winnebago County Board Supervisor of his district. 


Why I'm A Democrat:

"I am a democrat for many reasons, but what it really comes down to is that I care for everyone and plan to fight for everyone's equal rights, regardless if you're white, black, gay, straight, male, female and so on. This country belongs to everyone not just the 1%. We are the greatest nation in the history of the world, we need to start acting like it, and I believe democratic values and beliefs are doing just that."

 Southeast Regional Director: Hillary Laskonis


Hillary attends Marquette University.


Why I'm A Democrat: