By: Mike Tate
A week after the latest charges in the John Doe criminal corruption probe revealed a secret computer network erected to evade the laws of the State of Wisconsin, Scott Walker has still not answered four key questions that would reveal the true nature of his role in the crimes alleged. 
1. Who hired Kelly Rindfleisch and what knowledge did he have of the campaign work she was doing 25 feet from his office?

2. Did Scott Walker ever communicate using the clandestine computer network erected by Republican operative Tim Russell and has this criminal culture come with Walker to Madison?

3. Since Scott Walker has acknowledged that a top aide committed the same types of acts in 2004, how can he credibly claim he took any steps to ensure that these crimes, which all benefited his political career, did not take place again?

4.Since there is no way that Scott Walker can say he's not a target or subject of the John Doe probe, why is he nevertheless asserting his innocence, without any detail?

There is nothing that would hinder the John Doe corruption probe in what Scott Walker would say by answering these basic questions honestly. The existence of a secret computer network set up to evade the law would send chills down the spine of those public servants who value good and honest government and who hate corruption. It looks very much like Scott Walker's reaction is just to shrug.