There hasn't been a single vote cast yet in the race between Paul Ryan and his Democratic challenger Rob Zerban, but Paul Ryan seems to think he's already won.

It's not enough for Paul Ryan to spend $2 million on television ads for his Congressional campaign and call it a day -- he owes the people of Southeastern Wisconsin an honest conversation about what he has done for them over the past two years, and why he deserves another chance to represent them in Washington.

Rob Zerban is ready and willing to have that conversation with Wisconsin voters. Sign the petition today and demand that Paul Ryan come back to Wisconsin and debate his challenger, Rob Zerban.­

In his climb up the political ladder, Paul Ryan has all but abandoned Wisconsin's First Congressional District in pursuit of special interest billionaires and the Tea Party faithful. But now that it's clear the Romney-Ryan ticket just isn't ready for primetime, Ryan is desperate to cling to his seat in Congress.

Rob Zerban is closing in on Ryan's lead, so if Paul Ryan wants to keep his seat, he's going to have to come back and fight for it.

Tell Paul Ryan to come back to Wisconsin and debate Rob Zerban: Sign the Petition today.

Paul Ryan can't just phone it in. Wisconsin deserves better than that.