My name is Jesse Roltgen, I’m a team leader for OFA in West Bend. 

When I’m out talking to voters, or even my friends and family, a question I hear often is "Why are you doing this Jesse? You’re a busy mom, you have Parkinson's, you have a sick kid at home, why are you doing this?" 

And the answer is in the question -- I love my kids, I have Parkinson’s disease and my children’s health is important to me. That's why I'm doing this. Our futures are literally dependent on the outcome of this election. Your future is too: Sign up to volunteer today.

That’s why I’m fighting for President Obama, and will continue to fight for him for the next 40 days. He cares about me and he cares about you too. 

Everyone’s got a reason to fight. If it’s not healthcare you’re worried about, maybe it’s finding a job, being able to afford college for your kids, or making sure women remain in charge of making decisions about their own bodies. Whatever it is, think about how that would change if Mitt Romney is in the White House instead of Barack Obama.

The Republicans are on the ground and on the airwaves, so we can’t afford to sit back and wait. Fight for what matters to you, and the future you want to see, by signing up to volunteer today.


Jesse Roltgen, OFA-West Bend

P.S. If you want to help out, but can't commit to a shift, here's what you can do -- chip in $5 or whatever you can to help our volunteers and staff on the ground.