After Republican assistant leader Glenn Grothman went on CNN Wednesday to double down on his bigoted attacks against the Kwanzaa holiday, Scott Walker's Republican Party has remained silent in the face of the virulent assault on tolerance and religious liberty.
Beginning last week, Grothman, who has similarly attacked the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday, has been speaking for "the blacks" and advancing far-right-wing conspiracy theories about the Kwanzaa holiday.
Top Republican leaders, such as Scott Walker and Sens. Mike Ellis, Frank Lasee, Joe Leibham, Terry Moulton, Jerry Petrowski and Dale Schultz, have remained silent in the face of Grothman's froth.
It is one thing for Scott Walker's Republican Party to support Glenn Grothman as a leader of Senate Republicans. But it is altogether different for them to remain silent in the face of blatant bigotry and religious intolerance. Scott Walker's Republican Party should answer whether or not they associate with Grothman's attacks on religious liberty and on the demeaning way he has spoken about African-Americans.
They endorsed him as a leader. Does Scott Walker's Republican Party endorse Glenn Grothman's bigoted attacks on Kwanzaa? If they aren't willing to speak up against this obvious outrage, when will they?