"While we’re here in Wisconsin, eagerly awaiting Aaron Rodgers’ return, Scott Walker is on the road, again.

"Over the weekend, the governor kicked off the promotional tour for his self-serving autobiography, “Unintimidated,” with a trip to Washington D.C., the first stop in a week-long campaign to whitewash his failures.

"While Scott Walker is “Unintimidated” by bagging campaign checks from extreme Tea Party billionaires and courting national press attention, the glaring omissions and revisionist history in his dishonest book indicate he is clearly intimidated by the truth - because you won’t find it in Scott Walker’s book.

"Sure, you’ll read a re-telling of his infamous call with a blogger who Walker believed to be a Koch Brother, with no mention of how Walker considered inserting agent provocateurs into a peaceful protest. And you’ll read unapologetic self-promotion about how his so-called “reforms” worked in Wisconsin and would work in D.C. But I want to talk today about what Walker didn’t mention and didn’t make the book.

"One thing you won’t hear this week or read in the book is Walker’s promise to serve out a second term if re-elected.You also won’t read about Walker kicking 90,000 Wisconsinites off BadgerCare while sending our tax dollars to other states. And slashing $1.6 billion from public education while funneling millions into unaccountable voucher schools. Or giving $2.3 billion in tax breaks to the wealthy and out-of-state corporations while raising taxes and fees on seniors and working families by nearly $200 million. And probably the biggest omission of all – Scott Walker’s book makes no mention AT ALL of his central campaign promise to create 250,000 jobs. That’s because, by nearly every metric, Scott Walker is failing miserably at job creation.

"While our neighbors in the Midwest and most of the rest of the nation are adding jobs and enjoying an economic recovery that reverses the pain felt in the Great Recession, Wisconsin sits at 45th in the nation in job growth prospects and is growing jobs at only half the national average. But we all know this isn’t just about jobs or Walker’s progress towards the promise he made. This is about people whose lives have been impacted by Scott Walker and the decisions he’s made.

"70% of Wisconsinites say that their personal financial situation has stayed the same or gotten worse since Scott Walker took office. Recent statewide polling indicates that more than 65% -- nearly two–thirds of the state – think that Wisconsin’s economy will stay the same or get worse over the next year. This is the 7th consecutive quarter Wisconsin has been in the bottom half among states in annual private-sector job gains (after 5 consecutive quarters in the top half – before Republicans passed their first budget). And while Scott Walker touts distinctions from his friends at Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce, the national Chamber of Commerce ranks Wisconsin dead last in short-term job growth and 44th in the nation in overall economic performance.

"Of course this is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to things Scott Walker doesn’t want to talk about. I could fill five books talking only about the criminal corruption probes into Scott Walker’s current and former administrations, how his top aides have gone to jail, and how his flagship jobs agency has been plagued by scandal, incompetence, and allegations of bid-rigging. And I’d guarantee every woman in Wisconsin – or at least the 99% of them who will use birth control at some point in their lives – would be interested in reading about Scott Walker’s history authoring, and supporting, anti-women legislation that would have criminalized abortion in all cases and outlawed common forms of birth control and fertility treatments.

"So since Scott Walker isn’t talking about his real record, we will. The Democratic Party of Wisconsin is going to launch a billboard campaign over the coming weeks and months to help Wisconsinites learn the truth about Scott Walker. Powered by grassroots donors chipping in $10 or whatever they can afford, we’ll put up billboards in key areas of the states to help highlight the things Scott Walker won’t talk about.

"We know we can’t match the money Scott Walker’s got pouring in, but we have something he doesn’t -- the truth. We just have to get it out to the people and let them decide."

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