Thursday, March 25, 2010

DPW Chair Mike Tate Commends Governor Doyle for Defending Health Care for Wisconsinites


MADISON – Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate made the following statement today regarding Governor Doyle’s response to AG Van Hollen’s attempt to block health care reform for Wisconsinites:

“During his eight years as Governor, Jim Doyle has worked tirelessly to secure the basic right of health care for every citizen in Wisconsin. From ensuring access to health care for all Wisconsin children, to extending affordable health insurance to childless adults, Governor Doyle has championed the belief that health care is a basic human right, not a privilege for a wealthy few.

“Today, we commend Governor Doyle for taking a stand yet again, and blocking A.G. Van Hollen’s frivolous attempt to deny Wisconsinites the health care reform that they won at the ballot box in 2008.

“Van Hollen’s action was depraved on so many levels that it is hard to count them all.  He would use taxpayer funds to block the taxpayers from receiving the same health care he himself receives at the expense of the taxpayer. He would go to work against the same vulnerable citizens – children, seniors and the ill – that he is bound to protect as Wisconsin’s top law enforcement officer.

“Thankfully, we have elected leaders in Wisconsin who know right from wrong and who are willing to stand on the side of the people.”